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Board of Supervisors
Meeting Audio

This site is designed to allow quick and easy access to live and previous meetings from the weekly Orange County Board of Supervisors meetings.
The Board regularly meets on Tuesdays in the Hall of Administration, Board Hearing Room, 10 Civic Center Plaza, first floor, Santa Ana. Meetings begin at 9:30 a.m. A schedule is available online at http://www.ocgov.com/supervisors/agenda/supervisorsmeeting05.asp
The audio meetings are available in two formats. Please pick the media player you would like to use to listen to the Board Meetings.

Windows Media Player Real Audio

If you do not already have a player, click on one of these links to download one.
Microsoft Media Player
RealMedia Real Audio G2

Previous Meetings
At present, prerecorded meetings will only play on Microsoft Media Player. Support for Real Networks Real Audio will be available in the future.
If you have problems listening to the audio please click on Instructions.
Live meetings will be available as prerecorded meetings approximately three (3) days after meeting.
January 2004 6th 13th 27th        
February 2004 3rd 10th 24th        
March 2004 9th 16th 23rd 30th      
April 2004 20th** 27th          
May 2004 4th 7th** 11th 18th  25th    
June 2004 8th 15th 16th** 22nd  29th  30th  
July 2004 20th 27th 28th**        
August 2004 3rd 10th 17th 19th** 23rd** 24th  
September 2004 14th 21st 28th        
October 2004 5th 19th 19th** 26th      
November 2004 8th** 9th 23rd 30th      
December 2004 7th 14th 21st        
January 2005 3rd** 4th          
** special session
An overview of the Orange County Board of Supervisors online site.
Click here for a quick guide to get you started in less than five minutes. Review our frequently asked questions for more specific answers.
How to use this site
The Orange County Board of Supervisors online meeting website consists of three sections. Click on the areas below for an explanation of each section.
Navigation Bar
Home This is the main page of the Board of Supervisors site. From here you can find out when the next meeting is scheduled.
Live Audio Click here to listen to live audio. You will be prompted to choose either of two media players: Microsoft Media Player or Real Networks Real Player. Both of these programs are available at no cost by clicking on downloads. We recommend Microsoft Media Player.
Previous Meetings Click here to listen to pre-recorded audio from previous meetings. At present, only Microsoft Media Player can be used to listen to previous meetings.
Instructions Clicking here will bring you to the page you are currently viewing. From here you can read instructions on: how to use the site; quick start guide; and frequently asked questions.
Downloads Click on downloads to receive the newest version of browsers and media players that you will need to listen to audio on this site.

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Status Bar
The Status Bar at the top of the page displays the status of the Board of Supervisors meeting. It will change automatically when a meeting starts, stops or goes on break.

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Main Content
The main content area displays the pages on this site. When you click on a link in the navigation bar you will see that section in the main content view.

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Quick Start Guide
  1. Following the recommendations of your system administrator, download a media player from the download section.Note: At present there are two types of players. Microsoft Media Player and Real Networks Real Audio. We recommend "Microsoft Media Player". You may already have a version of either on your computer. That's OK, your current version will be updated.
  2. Choose either Previous meetings or Live audio from the list to your left. Note: Check the status of Live audio on the status bar at the top of the screen.
  3. Click on the Media Player you wish to use to listen to Audio. Note: At present, previous meetings can only be heard using Microsoft Media Player. Support for Real Audio is being developed.
  4. If you chose Live audio in step 2, do nothing audio should begin to play. Note: There will be a buffering period ranging from 15 seconds to a minute depending on the speed of your modem.We recommend a 56K modem
  5. If you choose Previous Meetings . Click on the date you would like to listen to. Audio should begin to play.
    Audio may sometime take a while to start depending on the speed of your modem and the rate of your connection. You should see an indicator that displays "buffering" before the audio starts. We recommend a 56K modem for best performance.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q I have downloaded a media player and installed it. When I try to listen to live audio, I can't hear anything.
A There are several things to check.
Is your media player buffering? Depending on the speed of your modem, it may take longer for the audio to start. We suggest a 56K modem.
Did you restart your computer after installing the media player?
Are the volume on the media player and your speakers turned up?
Do you have a working sound card? Do you hear any audio when windows starts up or closes?
If none of the above options work, try downloading the media player again and reinstalling it.

Q The audio plays for a few seconds and stops. After a few seconds, it will begin playing again.
A This is an example of buffering and is most likely due to the speed of your modem and/or connection. Although you can listen to the meetings on a 28.8 modem, we recommend a 56K modem for best performance.

Q I have downloaded and installed Real Audio G2 but it is still not working.
A There are two easy ways of fixing this problem.
Refresh your browser. Internet Explorer users press F5 and the Ctrl key simultaneously. Netscape Navigator users Select view form the menu and refresh.
Close all browser windows and restart your browser.
Listening to the Orange County Board of Supervisors meetings requires a 4.0 browser or better and a media player. Currently we provide support for Microsoft Media Player™ and Real Networks Real Player G2 for Live Meetings only.™ Both are available as a free download by clicking on the icons below.
Microsoft Media Player
RealMedia Real Audio G2
We have made every attempt to accommodate the major browsers and audio streaming technologies. All pages will display on Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0™ or higher and Netscape Navigator 4.0™ or higher. Live meetings can currently be played on Microsoft Media Player™ and Real Networks RealMedia G2™. Previous meetings can only be played on Microsoft Media Player™

We recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0® or higher to browse and listen to the Board of Supervisors meetings
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