Central Justice Center

Jury Assembly Room, 3rd Floor
700 Civic Center Drive West
Santa Ana, CA 92702 (714) 834-4692

For Jury Reporting Instructions call: (recorded information) (714) 834-5797

This is call-in information for jurors with a summons dated Friday, April 11, 2003

Last Update -April 15, 2003 (4:15pm)

The following information is for call-in jurors. Please note the date and time of the last update to ensure you receive the correct information.

5000 through 5007 Please check this website Wednesday, April 16, 2003 between 11-11:30 a.m. to see if your group is needed to report at 12:30 p.m. that same day.
5008 through 5011 You were to report Tuesday, April 15, 2003 at 7:30 a.m. to the Central Justice Center, 3rd floor Jury Assembly Room. If you failed to report, please call our office to reschedule.
5012 through 5033 Please check this website Wednesday, April 16, 2003 after 5 p.m. to see if your group is needed to report the following morning.

Parking Information:

Juror Parking located at 1020 Civic Center Dr., on the corner of Boyd Way and Civic Center Dr., between the Santa Ana Police Station and Santa Ana Stadium. Look for blue signs indicating Juror Parking along Civic Center Dr. Please park on the 4th and 5th levels ONLY. Height of parking structure is 7'0". Please be sure to bring your parking ticket with you for validation in the Jury Assembly Room, 3rd floor.

The Courthouse is located East of the parking lot across Flower Street on Civic Center Drive.

Security Warning:

The Central Justice Center is a full security building. Visitors are required to pass through airport style weapon screening equipment.

All knives, including pocket knives, guns, chemical sprays and sharp objects deemed offensive and dangerous by the Sheriff Department, such as scissors, knitting needles and metal eating utensils are not permitted in the building and are potential for destruction. Please do not bring these items to the courthouse.

Thank you.

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Click here to email Jury Services at juryservices@occourts.org regarding jury comments or questions