County Family ,

Your opinions have already influenced the Strategic Focus process and now we need your input again. Please select one mission statement listed at that best communicates who we are and our fundamental purpose.

The mission, together with our vision and values, will serve as guiding principles to determine County policy and programs now and for future generations.

Also, we are pleased to share with you the results of the collaborative sessions thus far at Input that helped shape the Summit included an all-staff employee survey, interviews of numerous governmental, community and business leaders along with public input at the County fair and through our website.

Once again, we value your opinion and would appreciate your feedback as to which of the mission statement drafts best captures “the spirit of the County.”


Bill Campbell, Chairman
Orange County Board of Supervisors
Thomas G. Mauk
County Executive Officer

SPECIAL NOTE: To secure the confidentiality of the survey, please use the Username and PIN listed in this email’s subject line. Employees without access to work computers should contact their Department Heads for assistance.
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