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Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to frequently asked questions will be posted here.

Q: Is the Public Authority part of Orange County’s IHSS department?
A: No. The Public Authority is separate from and independent of the Social Services Agency, Adult Services Programs, which operates the IHSS program. The Public Authority is a public entity governed by the Board of Supervisors.
Q: Does the Public Authority employ IHSS Providers?
A: No. IHSS Providers are hired, trained and supervised by the IHSS Consumer. The Public Authority, as employer of record, will negotiates with the United Domestic Workers of America for wages and benefits, beginning with the next cycle.

Q: I’ve never been a Provider before. Do I have to have experience?
A: No. Some of our most effective Providers have never done this type of work before but they do have a desire to assist seniors and people with disabilities. Click here to learn more about the Registry and the application process. Link to Registry page.

Q: I’m an IHSS Consumer and I’ve
A: Call your IHSS Social Worker and give him/her hiring information about your new Provider (name, address, start date, etc.) and verify the number of IHSS hours you have remaining for the month. Hours will be pro-rated if a Provider starts working after the first day of the month. Also call your Registry Training Specialist at the Public Authority so she/he can update your records and forward paperwork to your Social Worker.

Q: I’m a Provider and I’ve
A: Call the Public Authority so we can update your records and forward paperwork to the Social Worker. Also ask your Consumer to verify the number of remaining hours available for the month with their Social Worker. Hours will be pro-rated if you start working after the first day of the month.

Q: I’m a Provider and I haven’t received my timesheet in the mail yet. What should I do?
A: If you belong to the Public Authority Registry make sure you call the Public Authority when you get hired. If you don’t belong to the Registry, make sure your Consumer calls his/her Social Worker. This step can eliminate a time sheet delay. Please keep in mind it takes two to three weeks from the date of hire to receive your first timesheet. If your time sheet hasn’t arrived within three weeks, call your IHSS Senior Accounting Assistant (SAA). If you don’t know the name of your SAA, call the Public Authority and we’ll be happy to give you the name and phone number.

Q: How should I deal with my Consumer/Provider’s unrealistic job expectations?
A: Using a work agreement to set realistic job expectations may help. A good work agreement will list days and hours to be worked, tasks to be performed and other important information. This can lessen or eliminate problems between the Consumer and Provider. Click on the work agreement link to see sample. It’s also important to communicate effectively. Call the Public Authority for more resources to help with these challenges.

Q: How do I become a Provider through the Public Authority?
A: You would apply to the Provider Registry. Click here to learn more about the Registry and the application process. Link to Registry page.

Q: Why are fees taken out of my check?
A: All IHSS Providers are represented by United Domestic Workers of America (UDW) and are required to pay dues or fees based on the number of hours worked each month. For more information contact UDW at (877) 483-9937.

Q: As a Provider am I eligible for health benefits?
A: Home care Providers working an average of 80 hours a month may be eligible for health benefits. For more information contact UDW at (877) 483-9937.