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County of Orange - California
Welcome to Orange County Probation Department Website
			      Colleene Preciado
			Chief Probation Officer
Our Main Topics

Probation Career
Find out more about exciting career paths with the Orange County Probation Department.

Probation Volunteer
Probation Volunteer

Change a life! Hundreds of volunteers help the Orange County Probation Department in its mission to enhance community safety. Find out how you can help.
8% Solution
8% Solution

A study in the 1980s found that 8% of first time juvenile offenders commit over 50% of the repeat offenses. This is an overview of the study aimed at better understanding the characteristics and profile of the "8%" repeat offenders and the costs associated with their handling.
Juvenile Court Work Program
Juvenile Court Work Program

In lieu of serving an institutional commitment, young men and women on the Juvenile Court Work Program literally work off their debt to society, getting plenty of sunshine and exercise in the process. If you are with a government agency and need a work crew look here.
Probation Community Action Association
Probation Community Action Association

Established in 1993, this group is a non-profit support group that works with the Orange County Probation Department to help youth on probation rebuild their own lives and the lives of their families. Find out how you can get involved.
I'm Arrested. Now what?
I'm Arrested. Now what?

This web site was created to assist the families of alleged juvenile offenders so they may better understand the juvenile justice system in Orange County. This site also allows all youth to gain an appreciation of the ramifications of juvenile crime.
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