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Press Release
County of Orange Seal COUNTY OF ORANGE

April 11, 2000
Contact: Dani Porter
(714) 566-3079
E-Mail: dlporter@ocpl.org
National Library Week 2000
National Library Week is April 9-15, a time to celebrate what libraries offer to the community. This year's theme is "Read! Learn! Connect! @ the Library."

Did you know that the library offers all kinds of information, not just a good book to read? Here are some of the more interesting questions the San Clemente Library has recently answered:

Question: What is the term for the weather phenomenon that usually occurs only in the latitudes around Iceland, where it is possible to see a reflection of an object (including whole landmasses) in the sky. Answer: The weather phenomenon is called "Fata Morgana." Scientists think Fata Morganas are probably caused when the sea is much colder than the atmosphere. As the water cools the air directly above it, a type of mirage forms.

Question: Where is country line dancing available in Southern California? Answer: An Internet site lists addresses, phone numbers and even maps of locations where country line dancing is offered all over the Southland, including in Orange County.

Question: A patron was looking for the 50 centers in the United States specializing in offering Carotid Endarterectomy, one form of surgery for the treatment of carotid arteries. The Library was able to find Web sites for locations offering this procedure and even e-mail addresses for specialists experienced in performing it. The patron spoke directly with several of the specialists. Several months later, he stopped by to show that he'd survived the surgery.

If you have a question and don't know where to go for the answer, please call the San Clemente Library at 492-3493 and ask for the Information Desk.