History of the
Orange County Marshal's Department


Deputy Marshal’s possess the same peace officer powers as do police and sheriff’s though out the State. One of the primary responsibilities of the Marshal’s Department in security of the courts. Deputies maintain and preserve order in the courtrooms, ensure proper decorum by remaining ready to meet and control unusual situations, and act to protect all those who use court facilities.

Deputies are also responsible for the transportation and guarding of prisoners while in the court facilities. Their duties include the operation of the court holding cells, booking defendants, and standing guard during high-risk trials. The Department processed 120,734 adult prisoners through the court system in 1998. The Marshal is responsible for the service of felony and misdemeanor warrants of arrest.

The Field Services Division received 69,936 felony and misdemeanor warrants of arrest in 1998. The Department’s civil process service uses Deputies and civilian Technicians to serve civil actions for the courts and the public. Civilian clerical staff processed 64,653 summons, subpoenas, orders, notices, and other court orders in 1998. Civil field deputies seize and sell property, and enforce court orders as directed by the court.



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