History of the
Orange County Marshal's Department

Fullerton Township’s
First Marshal

During the 1880's, badmen roamed the hills north of Fullerton, which was a part of Anaheim Township. Criminals were tempted to take refuge in the hills of Fullerton because the territory was protected only by a constable who stayed pretty close to his office in Anaheim. Many of the hills and canyons north of Fullerton were what would be called a "no man's land," and were known as dangerous territory by lawmen of that time.

When the township of Fullerton was formed in 1887, the trustees appointed A.A. Pendergrast as the towns first constable and only peace officer. It is said by the old-timers that when Pendergrast caught a lawbreaker, he would take the criminal before the town justice, Alec Wright, who would interrupt his duties as secretary of the Golden Belt Fruit Company, and hold trial. It was often necessary to swear in a jury from among the company workers. This appears to be the beginning of lawmen and 'real' justice in Fullerton...

Reprinted from: The History of the Fullerton Police Department
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