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Employee Benefits - County of Orange
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The information contained on the Employeetained on the Employee Benefits web site is intended to give individuals a general idea of the current benefits information available through the County of Orange. Actual benefits are determined by the applicable provisions of the specific insurance contracts and plan documents, and may include exclusions, limitations, or specific conditions that may modify or exclude the benefits as they appear on this web site.

Although the staff of the Employee Benefits Division has attempted to make this web site as accurate as practicable, such accuracy is by no means assured, and individuals should not rely solely on the information contained on this web site to determine their eligibility for insurance benefits or the nature and extent of such benefits.

Nothing on this web site is intended or should be construed as a contract, expressed or implied. In the event of any discrepancy between the information contained on this web site and the provisions of the specific insurance contracts and plan documents, provisions of the specific insurance contracts and plan documents shall prevail over this web site. Go to the County of Orange Benefits Web Site at www.benefitsweb.com/countyoforange.html to view a copy of the specific plan document or insurance contract.
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