1. Conducts investigations of persons suspected of fraudulently receiving or applying for welfare aid.
  2. Locates and interviews or interrogates persons suspected of welfare fraud, absent parents and potential witnesses; analyzes, and evaluates their testimony.
  3. Interprets, explains and applies provisions of laws, rules and regulations related to welfare fraud.
  4. Examines, reviews and evaluates a variety of records to secure information concerning suspected violations of welfare laws; obtains search warrants for this purpose.
  5. Contacts and interviews individuals and representatives of various business and governmental agencies; develops contacts to obtain information concerning suspected violations of welfare laws.
  6. Gathers, assembles, preserves and reports facts, statements or affidavits and other evidence for use in administrative or legal action.
  7. Prepares detailed reports documenting investigations to support filing of complaint; prepares other appropriate reports, forms and correspondence utilizing  computer.
  8. Confers with Deputy District Attorney on trial strategy and presentation of evidence; appears in court to testify regarding investigative findings.
  9. Conducts surveillances; makes arrests under controlled conditions for violations of Welfare and Institutions Code.
  10. Attends staff meetings and training sessions.