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County's Credit Ratings
The County's outstanding debt is rated by three municipal bond rating services:

Fitch Ratings
Moody's Investors Service
Standard & Poor's Rating Service

Ratings are current as of: 12-31-2007
Type of Bonds Fitch
Issuer Rating NR Aa2 AA-
1991 Civic Center Parking COPs AAA/NR Aaa/A1 AAA/NR
1996 Refunding Pension Obligation Bonds NR Aaa/Aa2 AAA/NR
1997 Refunding Pension Obligation Bonds AAA/AA- Aaa/Aa2 AAA/NR
2001 Telecom Lease Revenue Bonds AAA/NR Aaa/A2 AAA/NR
2002 Juvenile Justice Center Lease Revenue Refunding Bonds AAA/AA- Aaa/A1 AAA/A+
2005 Lease Revenue Refunding Bonds AAA/AA- Aaa/A1 AAA/A+
2005 Refunding Recovery Bonds AAA/AA- Aaa/Aa3 AAA/A+
2006 Lease Revenue Bonds AAA/AA- Aaa/A1 AAA/A+
Integrated Waste Management Department
1997 Refunding Revenue Bonds AAA/A+ Aaa/A1 NR
John Wayne Airport
1997 Refunding Revenue Bonds AAA/AA- Aaa/Aa3 AAA/A+
2003 Refunding Revenue Bonds AAA/AA- Aaa/Aa3 AAA/A+
*NR - Not Rated      
Notice: This page presents selected financial and other information concerning the County of Orange. The information does not represent, nor is it intended to represent, complete financial data or all of the information a visitor or investor may desire. All information presented herein is dated as of its date and the County of Orange makes no representation that such information is current or complete.
Orange County has developed and successfully implemented one of the most innovative long-range financial planning models in the municipal industry.
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