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Child Care Services
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Child Care Budget for 2003-04 without realignment (LAO)
Policy changes affecting the availability of assistance for low-income families (GAO)
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Children and Families    Commission of Orange County
  American Academy of    Pediatrics
  American Public Human    Services Association
  Bureau of Labor Statistics
  California Association for the    Education for Young Children
  California Child Care Resource    and Referral Agency
  California Children and Families    Initiative
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Assistance With Child Care (mother and daughter at desk)
Child Care Near Your Home Or Work
Finding quality childcare is a challenging and important task faced by many parents. When choosing childcare, parents want to be sure that their child is in a safe and nurturing environment that promotes development. Parents of children with special needs may find it even more difficult to locate a program that can address their child's needs. However, childcare resources for children with disabilities are available.

There are local agencies that assist parents in locating child care and help family care providers with licensing, fingerprinting, and other issues.
Financial Assistance Paying Child Care Costs
Generally, child-care costs are the responsibility of parents. These expenses vary depending on the age of your child and the type of child-care program you choose. There are several programs that are available for low-income working families to assist in paying for their child costs.

The following information lists the financial support options available to help you afford child-care expenses: