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Child Care Services
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Child Care Budget for 2003-04 without realignment (LAO)
Policy changes affecting the availability of assistance for low-income families (GAO)
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Children and Families    Commission of Orange County
  American Academy of    Pediatrics
  American Public Human    Services Association
  Bureau of Labor Statistics
  California Association for the    Education for Young Children
  California Child Care Resource    and Referral Agency
  California Children and Families    Initiative
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About Child Care Services (woman holding child)
Child Care Coordinator
As a part of the County of Orange Department of Strategic and Intergovernmental Affairs, the Child Care Coordinator serves as a county resources on child care. The Coordinator aims to promote high quality, accessible child care for all of Orange County. The coordinator is here to support individuals and agencies looking to expand or start child care programs in their community.
Did You Know...
  • High quality early care and education programs can yield both short-term benefits in school achievement and success in a child's development

  • Sensitive child caregivers can help to reduce stress and hormone levels that may cause difficulties in learning and behavior

  • Considering that 2/3 of children under six have mothers in the work force, there is a significant need for out-of-home child care

  • Quality child care programs such as Head start have had positive enduring effects on academic achievement regardless of the quality of the school

  • Poor quality child care negatively impacts children, lowering school readiness scores and language development -- factors that can lead to other behavioral problems
County of Orange Child Care Coordinator
Anne Broussard
888 N. Main St.
Santa Ana, Ca 92701-3518
(714) 541-7418