June 10, 2004
Deputy RoV
Joins Team
Neal Kelley, with more than 16 years of full-time administrative experience, joined the Registrar of Voters’ (RoV) Office this month as Chief Deputy.

Kelley has been president and chief executive officer since January 2001 of Inland Court Services, Inc., where he developed and implemented educational programs designed to train individuals on policy and procedures of the California Superior Court system. From 1989 – 2000, he was the president/ceo of Phototorium, Inc. Kelley created and maintained an online educational program, recognized by Eastman Kodak as the first of its kind, designed to train and educate photo industry members.

He received the 1999 Riverside Small Business of the Year award from the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce and was awarded the 2000 Sam Walton Leadership Award, presented by the Wal-Mart Corporation for outstanding management, leadership and community involvement. Kelley also served on the California State Assembly’s business advisory committee and the legislative review committee. He was on Riverside’s election services advisory committee.

“Neal has experience with technology, government processes and community involvement, which is critically important to us,” said Steve Rodermund, Registrar. “He’ll bring a great mix of talents to our department.”

Kelley received a bachelor’s in business and management from the University of Redlands and an MBA from the University of Southern California.
New HR Director Joins County of Orange
n June 14 Marcel Turner will become the new Human Resources Director for the County of Orange.
Turner has been director of Human Resources for San Bernardino County since 2001. His responsibilities included risk management, employment, labor/employee relations, benefits, Equal Employment Opportunity, classification, commuter services and the Performance Education and Resource Centers. He had previously been personnel director for St. Louis County, MO. The County’s new HR Director has 33 years of experience that include employment in both the public and private sectors.

Turner spent 19 years with General Telephone and Electric where he held several Human Resources positions including serving as the worldwide HR director for Europe and Latin America.

“My primary expectation of the new Director is to re-focus the County’s HR Department on its core businesses,” said Jim Ruth, CEO. “Those major areas are training, recruitment,
retention and customer service to the department’s County clients.”

The HR Director’s wide-ranging background is highlighted by his knowledge of domestic, international, private and public sector human resources. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a focus in personnel and labor relations from the University of Maryland. Turner received a masters in business administration, operational management, from Northrop University in Inglewood. He also holds certificates in employee relations law from the Institute of Applied Law and in public pension plan polity from the International Foundation of Employee Benefits. He is certified by the International Personnel Management Association.

“Mr. Turner has the background and the right combination of experience and personal traits needed to be successful in this position,” said Ruth. “ He has a balance of technical expertise and people skills that will aid him in transitioning quickly into the HR Director’s responsibilities. He will be a great fit for this job and a tremendous asset to this organization.”
Seasoned Manager to Lead
Animal Care Services
ennifer Phillips, former Assistant to the City Manager in Fullerton and principal financial analyst for the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA), has been hired by the County’s Health Care Agency
(HCA) as director of Animal Care Services.

“Ms. Phillips brings a wealth of budgetary knowledge to her new position and is highly recognized for her expertise in management and administration,” said Mike Spurgeon, Deputy Director of HCA’s Regulatory Health Services. “We are fortunate to gain her broad expertise, seasoned background and impressive communication skills. We appreciate the dedication she’s exhibited in working with the Orange County community.”

Ms. Phillips worked with the Fullerton City Manager in preparing an FY 2003-04 $5.6 million decision package for general fund expenditure reductions. She also served as Fullerton’s Administrative Officer for Municipal Code and Personnel Hearings and appeals. Ms. Phillips also managed the development of a $6.5 billion long-range strategic financial plan during her tenure at OCTA.

Ms. Phillips earned both her master’s degree in public administration in 1991 and B.S. in 1988 from California State University, Long Beach. She has active memberships in several animal care organizations.

Q. I work in the Civic Center area and have two small children. How can I get information about child care services?

A. There are a number of resources available to assist parents and caregivers in finding appropriate child care. The Orange County Child Care and Development Planning Council has a website at www.occhildcarecouncil.org/index.html. The site includes information on child care resources in Orange County including links to other sites with useful information.

Anne Broussard, the County’s child care coordinator, may be reached by e-mail at Anne.Broussard@ssa.ocgov.com. She has provided information on the County’s website at http://www.ocgov.com/childcare/ which may also be useful to you.

Children’s Home Society of California is a Child Care Resources and Referral Program serving all of Orange County. By calling 714.543.2273, parents can obtain information about child care programs matched to their needs and preferences. Listings are maintained on licensed family child care homes and child care centers. Children’s Home Society can also provide written information on child care or provide presentations on their services. For more information, contact Nancy Malek at 714.835.8252.

Finally, the California Child Care Resource and Referral Network has a website that provides tips on finding appropriate child care. That site is located at www.rrnetwork.org/rrnet/welcome/index.php.

Q. With fall elections approaching, I'm considering getting involved in one of the political campaigns for my favorite candidate. Are there any restrictions on my political activities as a County employee?

A. The short answer is that it is not appropriate to conduct political activities on County time, and that your telephone, computer, office or other County resources should never be used for political purposes. There are a number of places you can obtain additional information about the rules that govern involvement in political activities by county employees.

The County’s Personnel and Salary Resolution, which applies to all employees, also has a specific conflict of interest policy that could be applied to election activities. For example, the policy prohibits engaging in “the use of County time, facilities, equipment, badge or uniform for private gain or advantage, or private gain or advantage of another.” This policy can be found on line at www.ocgov.com/hr/employeerelations/mou/mou.asp.

The County’s Information Technology Usage Policy governs the use of the County’s e-mail system, personal computers and network. All information created, sent or received via the e-mail system, network, Internet, telephones or the Intranet is the property of the County, and these systems are intended for official business only.

Finally, there are a number of laws and policies that govern the political activities of County employees. Included are the Hatch Act, a federal law, and the California Government Code. Posters entitled “County Employees’ Participation in Election Activities” should be posted in your workplace and include information about both of these laws. County agencies and departments may also have additional rules and regulations relating to engaging in political activities during work hours and/or on County property. If you have any questions, please talk to your supervisor.

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