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Anaheim Cemetery
Founded 1867
1400 East Sycamore Street
Anaheim, CA  92805
Phone:  (714) 535-4928

This peaceful and historic 16-acre cemetery offers families a wide variety of services that include traditional interments as well as urn, niche, and scatter gardens.  Crypts are also available in the mausoleum, the first built on the West Coast.
Cemetery Manager:  Bill Stelter

El Toro Memorial Park
Founded 1896
25751 Trabuco Road
Lake Forest, CA  92630
Phone:  (949) 951-8244

With gentle rolling hills and a serene parklike setting, this beautiful 25-acre cemetery offers an full range of options including lawn crypts, family estates, niches, urn and scatter gardens.  The cemetery also serves as home to the District Office.
Cemetery Manager:  Bud Bales

Santa Ana Cemetery
Founded 1870
1919 East Santa Clara Avenue
Santa Ana, CA  92705
Phone:  (714) 953-2959

The 29 acres of monuments, green lawns and majestic trees provide a beautiful setting that combines the old with the new at this historic site.  A full range of services are available including niches, urn gardens, and traditional lawn interments.
Cemetery Manager: Julio Amarillas