County of Orange
Code: 6551SM
Title Change: 7-03-98
From: Senior Investigator, Welfare Fraud
Revised and Title Change: 12-01-87


Special Requirement - Peace Officers: Per California Government Code Section 1031.

Must not have been convicted of a felony. Must pass a background investigation to the satisfaction of the hiring agency/department.

Be free from any physical or mental condition which might adversely affect exercise of peace officer powers, and pass physical and psychological evaluations to the satisfaction of the County.

United States citizenship or qualify under provisions of California Government Code Section 1031.5.

Graduation from high school or attainment of a satisfactory score on a G.E.D. test or California high school proficiency exam.


P.O.S.T. Certificate

Must possess a current P.O.S.T. Basic Certificate or P.O.S.T. Basic Investigator Certificate or Basic Course Waiver as of date of application. (P.O.S.T. Certificates not valid if over three year break in service.)

License Required

Possession of a valid California Driver License, Class 3 or higher, by date of appointment.

Thorough Knowledge of

Investigative techniques, methods and procedures, including interviewing and interrogation; rules of evidence, laws of arrest, and principles of identification, preservation and presentation of evidence; sources of information used to obtain evidence and locate persons.

General Knowledge of

Principles of supervision and training.

Ability to

Plan, assign, supervise and coordinate the work of subordinates; train others in applicable laws and regulations and investigation methods; prepare, review and evaluate investigative reports.

Gather and analyze evidence, draw logical conclusions and make sound recommendations; interpret and effectively apply welfare laws; perform difficult welfare fraud investigative work; communicate effectively and obtain information from uncooperative witnesses; prepare and present correspondence and reports in effective written and oral form; testify in court concerning findings of investigation.


Two years of experience at the fully qualified working level as a welfare fraud investigator in a California county, or three years of criminal investigation work for a law enforcement agency.